2006 Festival main catalogue

The 17th edition of the festival paid homage to Polish master Henryk Tomaszewski through a wide selection of original posters and drawings. This undisputed master turned the cultural poster into a space of creative freedom and resistance, setting itself radically apart from socialist realism. The festival also staged a personal show by Michel Quarez. This year saw a focus on Berlin: a trans-generational exhibition presented work by the Fons Hickmann m23 studio; by emblematic studio Cyan; and by younger graphic designers such as Atak, Anschläge and Angela Lorenz.
Jean-Marc Ballée intervened in the public space with images gleaned during his residency in Chaumont. In addition, 120 posters from over 60 countries, from among the 2,000 entries in the International Competition, were presented. Echoing the exhibition on Berlin’s graphic-design scene at Le Garage, the festival presented the work of German master Frieder Grindler. A hybrid of photography and graphic design, his black-and-white photomontage pieces convey a determinedly political and engaged perspective on the second half of the 20th century.

- “Graphisme en chantier”, Jean-François Millier
- International Competition
- “Henryk Tomaszewski. Poésie par voie d’affiches”, by Hugues C. Boekraad
- Michel Quarez
- “Berlin, Unter Den Linden”, by Étienne Hervy
- Drive-In, Jean-Marc Ballée
- Frieder Grindler

Graphic design: Wijntje van Rooijen & Pierre Péronnet

320 pages | 16.5 x 23 cm | €35 | ISBN : 978-2-35017-034-9

On sale on Pyramyd publishing’s website or available on request at the Festival
[contact: Susanne Schroeder, susanne.graphicdesign@gmail.com].

Photos of the book: Julien Lelièvre