Ed Fella Documents Exhibition Catalogue

This catalogue accompanied the first monographic exhibition in Europe devoted to the work of American graphic designer Edward Fella. Held as part of the 22nd International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont, the exhibition was co-produced with non-profit association Fotokino, with support from France’s National Centre for Visual Arts (CNAP) and from Étant Donnés, the French-American Fund for Contemporary Art.

Now over 70 years old, Edward Fella (born 1938 in Michigan) continues to work – “I’m still running”, as he likes to say. He is among the graphic-design auteurs who best epitomise America’s post-modern era. His hybridisation of materials, forms, colours and subjects, and the ease with which he moves between media, imbues his art with an originality and depth that will leave an enduring mark on the history of graphic design.

His output embraces an unusually broad range of techniques and sensibilities: flyers, drawings, photographs, lettering, collages… In its ability to deconstruct America’s landscape and vernacular script, Fella’s work bears witness to an entire swathe of his country’s popular culture.

Authors: Renaud Faroux, Vincent Tuset-Anrès, Catherine Guiral, Randy Nakamura
Book graphic design: Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié with Cécile Binjamin
Cover graphic design: Ed Fella
Typeface: Garaje by Thomas Huot-Marchand

256 pages | 23 x 31 cm | €35 | ISBN : 978-2-35017-238-5

On sale from Pyramyd or by request from the Festival
(contact: Susanne Schroeder, susanne.graphicdesign@gmail.com).

Book photography: Julien Lelièvre