Workshops 2012

This year’s workshops are again reserved for students, but are now separate from the “Students – All to Chaumont!” competition. Instead of focusing on a theme and medium, they will be run like professional workshops. Ten practitioners from various countries will lead workshops on typography, posters, multimedia, photography, illustration, etc.

Students are invited to enrol for one of the 10 workshops before Monday 16 April.
They will be present in Chaumont for nine days, from 26 May to 3 June, for the first week
of the Festival.
Each workshop is limited to 15 participants. To ensure a good mix of applicants, a maximum
of 10 students from any school will be admitted to the workshops as a whole and not more
than 5 per school per workshop.
Accommodation (eight nights) is paid by the Festival. Transport and meals are payable
by the participants.
Enrolment fee: € 90

Workshops and animators:
01/ Editorial and periodical design with Coline Sunier and Charles Mazé
02 / Chaumont Festival(S) with Pleaseletmedesign
03 / About Ann and Paul Rand’s book with Prill Vieceli Cremers and Piero Glina
04-06 / What if…? with Pinar&Viola and Moniker
05 / Graphic design with James Goggin
07 / Introduction to a cinema and design real story with Sa_M_ael
08 / Type design with The Entente / Colophon
09 / Webcraft with Raphaël Bastide
10 / Dreadful city, “Whatever… all that is hypocrisy, blurred face” with Thomas Mailaender and Erwan Fichou

In order to validate your inscription, please download, fill-in and send back to the Festival team the inscription form above (Design: Frédéric Tacer).
You will be informed by the end of April of your inscription.