La Fabrique 2012

For the third year, the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont is providing “carte blanche” exhibition spaces of about 25 m². These will be allocated, after assessment of applications, to 10 professional individuals or teams. The spaces are located in the former printshop of the Tisza packaging-textiles factory, which is still operating.

Selected projects:
- The Entente, Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington
- “Décalage vers le bleu”, Armelle Polette, Pierre Florence, Benjamin Rolin and Alexandra Valois
- “Une Fabrique du paysage”, Maud Guerche
- “Disembedded”, Tanguy Wermelinger, Emmanuel Martinet and Benjamin Vesco
- “I Remember”, Olivia Grandperrin and Prudence Dudan
- “Voir le voir”, Roman Seban
- “Le Centre incliné”, Alexandru Balgiu and Xavier Antin
- “Les Messages se créent”, Héloïse Derly and Léna Schrieb
- “A50”, Christelle Ménage
- “AND Atelier”, Rita Huet and Joao Arujo
- “Letter Proef Tuin”, GDFB