Winners of the 2012 International Competition

The 23rd International Competition, with prize money from Icograda, and considered one of the leading events of its kind in Europe, has appointed Armand Mevis and Linda Van Deursen to chair its judging panel. The competition’s scope now reaches beyond posters, letting the Festival extend its attention to all the diverse, related media that make up contemporary graphic design. The 2012 edition has attracted a wealth of 1,000 entries. Following a drastic initial selection by a panel also including Thomas Castro, David Bennewith, Karl Nawrot, Julie Peeters and Kasper Andreasen, 100 graphic works will be shown at Les Subsistances.
All the entries will then be conserved at Les Silos, as they have been since this facility opened in 1994. This contemporary collection – now boasting over 30,000 items, in addition to the 5,000 late-19th century posters that the parliamentarian Gustave Dutailly bequeathed to his home town in 1906 – has today made Chaumont a privileged, essential location for graphic design. Its standing will be further underscored by the forthcoming construction of an International Centre for Graphic Design.

1st price
Frédéric Teschner
Une Saison Graphique
Five posters
120 × 176 cm, silkscreen
Paris, 2011

2d price
Martin Woodtli
Weltformat 10
Plakatfestival Luzern
89,5 × 128 cm, silkscreen
Zürich, 2010

3rd price ex-æquo
Christophe Gaudard
Portes ouvertes
Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts
120 × 180 cm
Besançon, 2012

3rd price ex-æquo
Dima Kavko
Futurism. 100 years
Festival In Graafika
3 poster remakes of iconic works of
Italian and Russian futurists
100 × 70 cm
Moscow, 2011

Judging panel: Armand Mevis and Linda Van Deursen (chairmen), Thomas Castro, David Bennewith, Karl Nawrot, Julie Peeters and Kasper Andreasen.

Cyan : 238th Exhibition Ginza Graphic Gallery, 2006
Cyan : Cyan 13 Years, DDD Gallery, 2005
Cyan : Ensemble Für Neue Musik, Bauhaus, Dessau, 1993