International Competition 2010

A selection of posters in competition this year is presented. A jury of 5 internationally reknowned desigers from 4 continents will attribute 3 prizes and 1 excellence Icograda Award the Saturday 29th of May. À l’entrepôt des Subsistances

At the Subsistances warehouse

Preselection judging panel: Frédéric Bortolotti, Thierry Chancogne, Pierre Delmas-Bouly, Christoffe Jacquet dit Toffe, Véronique Vienne
Judging panel: Elliott Earls, Igor Gurovich, Christoffe Jacquet dit Toffe, Alejandro Magallanes, Karel Martens

1st price: Ralph Schraivogel
2e prix : Fanette Mellier
3rd price: Belousov Mikus
Icograda price: Niklaus Troxler