International Competition 2009

The International Posters Competition is an integral part of the resounding success of the Chaumont Festival. For the past 20 years, the competition enabled to enhance the collection. A selection of posters will be exhibited at the Subsistances warehouse.

Jury: Gert Dumbar (Netherlands), Sadik Karamustafa (Turkey), Woody Pirtle (USA), Koishi Sato (Japan), Garth Walker (South Africa).


1st prize:
Esther Noyons, Netherlands
Toneelgroep Oostpool
Poster Productie Zomergasten, 2009

2d prize:
Claude Kuhn, Switzerland
Spinner Spanner Schwärmkmer Bern, 2008

3rd prize:
Shin Matsunaga, Japan
G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit, 2008

Excellence Award Icograda:
Kim Do-Hyung, South Corea
You are under CCTV, 2009

Premier prix, Esther Noyons
Deuxième prix, Claude Kuhn
Troisième prix, Shin Matsunaga
Prix Icograda, Kim Do-Hyung