La Life

Besides hosting the welcome and sales desk for this year’s 23rd International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont, the former Banque de France building will accommodate a brand-new project, ‘La Life’, which will take the form of a daily newspaper. This publication, intended both as Festival promotional collateral and as a tool for graphic-design criticism and experimentation, will also cover news in the capital of the County of Haute-Marne. Devised by Susanna Shannon and Stefano Giustiniani, the newspaper will have a daily print run of 300 courtesy of a Risograph, and will also exist in the form of a one-metre-wide plotter, which will serve as a wall, a press proof and a newspaper archive all at the same time. The editorial content will be partly produced by a group of students; the Festival team will make occasional contributions, and foreign correspondents such as Ed Fella in California will write regular pieces, thus offering an array of perspectives on contemporary graphic design.

Although the first 15 issues of this hybrid publication will be created during the Festival, the essence of the project lies in its ability to exist in other environments, with other editorial teams. This unorthodox newspaper, an original alternative to the usual official programmes, will be proposed to other cultural events as a medium for supplying news but also for reflecting on its mode of production.

Project partners:

Japanese company Riso develops exclusive printing reprographic technologies. La Life will be printed on an MZ1070, which can print two colours in a single run.

Susanna Shannon is consultant for the art direction of the front pages and for the brand development of this French national daily, which has offered to support this ultra-local daily by providing newsprint and assigning one of its journalists to the project.

At the Banque de France.