Extra Ball

Installation/interactive performance for pinball machine written by Patricia Dallio, Antoine Schmitt, Malte Martin, Uriel Barthélémi
You play your destiny... the machine also...

Extra Ball is an audiovisual attachment that takes us, through interaction, into the innards of the machine, into its very subconscious. It questions our need to be in control of our trajectory, and to deal with chance, or to thwart the arbitrary. The pinball machine becomes the platform of a visual, sound and sensory experience which embraces the player and the audience. Members of the audience come successively to throw the ball. Each game creates a new experience to be discovered. The artwork consists in diverting the original rules of pinball and in disrupting them with transverse events or behaviours. The pinball machine keeps its original structure but it doesn’t look like a normal one anymore because all the graphic codes are modified. It is the centre of the performance/show : pinball machine starification. The scenography is thought as a spectacular installation. Each spectator can become a player. Each game gives way to a new sound and visual event.

An idea of Patricia Dallio
Interactive work : Antoine Schmitt
Graphic work : Malte Martin
Music work : Uriel Barthélémi and Patricia Dallio
Programming music assistant : Vivien Trelcat and Nicolas Déflache
Programming graphic assistant : Stéphane Buellet
Rehabilitation of pinball : Flavien Racine and Olivier Charlet
Technical scenography of pinball : Olivier Charlet
Interactive hardware interfaces : InterfaceZ – Françis Bras
Technical sound and light : Arnaud Rollat
Coproduction (ongoing) : Césaré, Centre de création musicale de Reims, Le Nouveau Relax - Scène Conventionnée de Chaumont, Agrafmobile
Sound track is supported by : the Ministry of Culture and Communication - DRAC Champagne-Ardenne (FR), the Regional Council of Champagne-Ardenne-ORCCA (FR), the General Council of Haute-Marne (FR), the Town of Chaumont (FR) and La Maison des métallos.