Babel on demand: a monumental manifesto

On the initiative of Étienne Hervy and Émilie Lamy, respectively artistic director and publications manager of the Festival, a number of French graphic-design figures have been invited to take part in the project ‘Babel on demand: a monumental manifesto’. The curators, acutely aware of books’ appeal to graphic designers as design object, category, substrate and medium, wanted through ‘Babel on demand’ to create a new collection of books with no imposed theme, leaving each guest to determine the intent of their publication. Besides the typical work of composition, graphic design in this instance is considered a way of giving material substance to a project; of formalising and treating a subject.

At the Festival’s request, Blurb, a company that provides a print-on-demand service, has agreed to be project partner. Size and pagination are at the author’s discretion (13 x 20 cm, 15 x 23 cm or 20 x 25 cm; between 44 and 440 pages), and all the books will go on sale on 26 May, the Festival’s opening day. The printed books will be produced gathered in a bookshelf and exhibited at Les Silos. From September 2012, the collection will be available to go on tour, on one simple condition: the host venue must acquire a fresh set of the books, which will then remain its property; but it can decide whether to consider them as an artwork in its own right or as documentation. Each year, the collection will be enriched by five new books, by graphic designers chosen by the project’s initiators.

Browse into Babel on Demand’s bookshop on Blurb’s website.

Another World Is Possible Through Share Memory, Abdul Basit Khan
The Apple, Adéla Svobodovà
Lettres au New-England Courant, Silence Dogood, Alexandre Balgiu
Exercises in Typographic Style, Astrid Stavro & Pablo Martín
Lettre sur les livres, à l’usage de ceux qui les lisent, Isidor Bantenat
BoB 001 - Maria, Antoine Emmanuelle
BoB 002 - Jenny, Antoine Emmanuelle
BoB 003 - Agathe, Antoine Emmanuelle
Documents, SPLOING
Ceci tuera cela. Le livre tuera l’édifice, Erik Adigard, Patricia McShane, M-A-D
Trois p’tits chats, Chapeau d’paille, Paillasson, Somnambule…, EricandMarie
All black, Fanette Mellier
PING/PONG, Frédéric Tacer
Dirty Stories, Frédéric Teschner
Big brothers (are watching you), Guillaume Grall
Une terrible beauté est née, Helmo
An Exercise in Collecting, Jan en Randoald
Soit le puits est très profond, soit nous tombons au ralenti, Jocelyn Cottencin, Meghann Biteau, Bruno Kervern
Kit S, M, L, Julia
Hauts les mots / Word Up, Julien Lelièvre
Across the Universe, Julien Nédélec
A Day At The Library, Karlssonwilker
Castor & Pollux & Castor & Pollux, Kevin Gotkovsky et Célestin Krier
Joost Grootens
Eros Vitamine VERTIGO, Killian Loddo
433, Leanne Wijnsma
Untitled, Manuel Raeder
Pont, médium et transition : une taxonomie, Manuel Zenner
AUTOMATIC APPROPRIATION #3, Read more, more, more, more, Manuela Dechamps Otamendi
Django Fontina, Na Kim
Exagérations des plus fausses et des plus hyperboliques, dans la chaire de vérité, officeabc et Hélène Meisel
UrbaPhotoGraphisme, Pascal Béjean
Classifier Déclassifier Reclassifier, Patrick Lindsay
Pierre di Sciullo et Après Vous
“Attend, attend” – “J’attends, j’attends”, Prill Viceli Cremers
Sophisticated Geometry, Raw Color
Strike, Joost Grootens
HTTP, Thomas Lélu
Temple of Fun, Thomas Mailaender
Ask Forgiveness, Thomas et Somanad Petitjean
Surfacon, Tom Henni
Ivre, Yannis Perez
Bandit Manchot, Sacha Léopold, Thibaut Robin et François Havegeer

Project partner: Blurb

at Les Silos book and poster centre.

Jean-Marc Ballée, Sacha Léopold, Étienne Hervy
image préparatoire envoyée aux auteurs comme représentation d'une collection
image send to the designers as representation of the possibility of a book