Graphic Design Situations / Publishing on the Road

The purpose of this “Tour de France in 4 acts for 1 publication” project is to map a territory: the scope of the practices and thinking that constitute graphic design in France today.

It aims not to define graphic design and/or designers, but to outline the specific features of the profession and to gain a sense of graphic design from the inside. This publication will be an active tool that fosters discussion between graphic-design stakeholders, in order to create a mesh of knowledge and references.

Our thinking will be structured by four themes and a series of public round-table panel events in four French towns, at which graphic designers, researchers, critics and theorists will address four themes:

- Act 1: the difficulty of deciding on a definition of graphic design
Venue: Théâtre du Nouveau Relax, Chaumont (Haute-Marne)
Date: Wednesday 23 November, 4-6pm
Panellists: Barbara Dennys, Adrien Zammit, Véronique Marrier, Laurent Mészáros, Jocelyn Cottencin, Malte Martin

- Act 2: reaching beyond the divide between cultural and commercial commissions
Venue: CAPC, Bordeaux
Date : Tuesday 20 December, 3-6pm
Panellists: Gilles Deleris, Superscript² (Pierre Delmas Bouly and Patrick Lallemand), Pierre Bernard, Michel Aphesbero, Rachel Cazadamont (H5)

- Act 3: the question of research into graphic design
Venue: Ensba lecture theatre at Les Subsistances, Lyon
Date : Thursday 19 January, 3-6pm
Panellists: Annick Lantenois, Gilles Rouffineau, Jean-Marie Courant, Thierry Chancogne, François Chastanet, Étienne Mineur
Moderator: Emmanuel Tibloux

- Act 4: the new territories of graphic design
Venue: Cneai, Chatou (near Paris)
Date: Thursday 8 March, 3-6pm
Panellists: Åbäke, Olivier Lebrun, Xavier Antin, deValence (Alexandre Dimos and Gaël Étienne), Nicolas Ledoux, Benjamin Thorel

The book will thus explore these four themes through a range of textual material: original writings, panellists’ contributions, and historical texts that are now hard to access; the latter will be available for download before each event.

The book will be published in French after the last event, in September 2012.

Project co-devised with Grégory Ambos
Graphic Design: Zak Group, London