The 26th edition of the Festival from 27 May to 14 June

The 26th edition of the Festival takes place from 27 May to 14 June, with a highlight on 29, 30 and 31 May.

The exhibitions feature:
-See red Women’s Workshop, auto-screenprint of English feminism
-Taylor, Mathieu and Ricardo, presentation of research of Syndicat – Sacha Léopold and François Havegeer – led with grants from the CNAP and the FNAGP, and work on the art of Mathieu Laurette
-L'affiche lucernoise
-Pieces of Evidence: works by Maureen Mooren, Ludovic Balland, Giorgio Camuffo, Christophe Gaudard, Jan en Randoald
-Exhibition of the 2015…

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Taylor, Mathieu et Ricardo

Founded by François Havegeer and Sacha Léopold, Syndicat takes its name from its own definition: that of a grouping together in order to defend and organize common interests.

In their practice, their pedagogy, and exhibition curating, this studio has developed a questioning between the technical processes and works in the production of physical and sculptural forms.

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L'affiche lucernoise

The international poster festival Weltformat presents a selection of works by renowned designers from Lucerne, the home town of the festival in the middle of Switzerland. The exhibition let's you take a look at current work famous graphic designers as well as upcoming newcomers. Currently, the Lucerne poster design has a strong international perception...

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See Red Women’s Workshop Auto-screenprint of an English feminism

The collective See Red Women’s Workshop was founded by three ex-art students in 1973 and grew into a collective producing silk screened posters for the women’s liberation movement as well as for community groups.
The exhibition shown in Chaumont is the first one that is solely dedicated to them. The 44 posters presented here testify of the commitment of this feminist collective.


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Pieces of Evidence

Besides the selection of the International Competition, the ground floor of the Subsistances also hosts the works of the jury members of the competition. This exhibition is discussed with each of the jurors individually so as the question of how to show graphic design allows for a reply to why show this graphic design .

Maureen Mooren – Netherlands
Maureen Mooren, Netherlands...

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